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There are no other creatures on earth that are more hated and despised than the pesky mosquito. We owe a lot to them for giving us sleepless nights, disturbing our outdoor trips, and even giving us nasty diseases.

  • PROTECTION from mosquitoes causing Dengue, Chickengunya and Malaria Diseases.

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happi homz strives to
“Promote, protect and improve the lifelong health of individuals and communites and the promotion of health and social equity.”

AMR Mosquito Repellent Refill

AMR is a revolutionary Refill that will help the Mothers to give their Kids the best protection against Mosquitoes and keep their Families happy and Safe...

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Super Coil 12 Hour Protection

Super coil provides the most effective protection against Mosquitoes since it has Transfluthrin as an Active. Transfluthrin is the key ingredient which is...

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Super Coil 8 Hour Protection

Super Coil 8 hour Protection also has Transfluthrin as a key active and highly effective against Mosquitoes and lasts...

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happi homz

Product Categories

Every Family has the right to be happy and good health is the first step towards that.

AMR Mosquito Repellent Refill


Super Coil 12 Hour Protection


Super Coil 8 Hour Protection



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happi homz is committed towards supporting the goal of making India Malaria free.

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Safety is Our First Priority

Safety is Our First Priority All the products of happi homz go through rigorous testing and adhere to highest level of safety standards.


AMR Refill will not fit in Customised Machines. All images are for representation purpose only.

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